Please cite GeneTrail as

    Backes, C., Keller, A., Kuentzer, J., Kneissl, B., Comtesse, N., Elnakady, Y.A., Müller, R., Meese, E., and Lenhof, H.P. GeneTrail - advanced gene set enrichment analysis. Nucleic Acid Research, Web Server Issue 2007.

    Please cite GeneTrailExpress as

    Keller, A., Backes, C., Al-Awadhi, M., Gerasch, A., Kuentzer, J., Kohlbacher, O., Kaufmann, M., and Lenhof, H.P. GeneTrailExpress: a web-based pipeline for the statistical evaluation of microarray experiments. BMC Bioinformatics 2008, 9:552

    Methodical publications describing GeneTrail

    • Keller, A., Backes, C., and Lenhof, H.P. Computation of significance scores of unweighted Gene Set Enrichment Analyses. BMC Bioinformatics, 2007

    Publications using GeneTrail

    • Elnakady, Y.A., Rohde, M., Sasse, F., Backes, C., Keller, A., Lenhof, H.-P., Weissman, K.J., and Müller, R. Evidence for the mode of action of the highly cytotoxic Streptomyces polyketide kendomycin, ChemBioChem, 2007
    • Nam, D. and Kim, S.-Y. Gene-set approach for expression pattern analysis, Briefings in Bioinformatics, 2008
    • Fehrmann RSN, de Jonge HJM, ter Elst A, de Vries A, Crijns AGP, et al. (2008) A New Perspective on Transcriptional System Regulation (TSR): Towards TSR Profiling. PLoS ONE 3(2): e1656 doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0001656

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